Delicious Ambiguity: Meryl Davis


Meryl Davis

Olympic Champion

You guys, we made it! Here we are, welcome, to the first time I’ve ever said I was going to do something and then I did it. Wow. TBH I thought I was going to be all talk for the longest time. This is a format that is going to be a work in progress (let me be a creative genius in my own time ok). I’m also low budget AF but in a cute, just got out of college so your apartment is still furnished by Urban Outfitters, kind of way. I managed to trick Queen Meryl Davis into talking to me for a hot minute, and as you can see by the video quality everything about the way she lives her life is perfect. I on the other hand, chose some V aggressive side lighting and a harsh white background. Not perfect but here we are, so let’s begin.

For those of you who are unaware (gasp, who even are you, what are you doing here) Meryl Davis is an Olympic champion. Casual. She is also very close to becoming a college graduate, she’s a business owner, dog mom, a soon to be bride and on top of all of that she’s a Mirrorball champ. Meryl Davis has her sh** figured out. Facts people. I’ve known Meryl all throughout my competitive career, and she has always been that girl who has just has it all together. Ironically though, the reason why she is the first person I wanted to have on this series is because she in fact doesn’t have it all together. Or didn’t, she definitely does now. One day she opened up to me about her struggles post Olympics, and I found that so striking compared to this idea I had in my mind of what her life would be like. An Olympic champion, someone who has achieved the highest level of sport you can reach, doesn’t just know what comes next? This is the stuff that is so important to read about. You won’t always know what you are doing, but honestly, no one knows what they are doing. Meryl taught me to never judge a book by it’s cover, you never know what someone else is going through. She also taught me the importance of conversation, and listening to other people’s stories for more perspective. Lastly, she introduced me to the magnificence of Club Monaco, but that’s beside the point.

Obviously this is a work in progress, but this is just the start to what I hope will be an incredibly rewarding and eye-opening experience. Comment below for other people who’s stories you would love to hear about. In the meantime, keep on enjoying not knowing, just be open minded to get somewhere new! XO.