June Intentions

Oh hello there! Did you guys think I forgot about you? Well, TBH that is pretty fair because I almost did. Good news is, I’m back and better than ever!! Ok, I’m back and about the same. I might have some very dark under eye circles but I’m still feeling cute! I had a very long three or four months traveling and working on a bunch of really fun projects, but it feels great to be home for a bit. I’m currently sitting at my desk with the windows open and watching all of my dead plants flutter in the breeze, so needless to say for the sake of everyone who’s living (or barely hanging on come through fiddle leaf fig) in this house it is a very good thing I’m home. I decided that in order to get myself back into this writing gig I would start off with my June intentions. This is going to be where I make a bunch of public promises to myself so I am forced to hold myself accountable. Yikes.

Image via Ella Rinaldo Photography

Image via Ella Rinaldo Photography

  1. Spend more time outside.

Ok, this might sound weird to some people, and if it doesn’t sound weird to you maybe its time you leave your house too. While I was skating, I really lost touch with a part of myself that I used to really love. I grew up outside, I remember playing in the woods in Washington state and being happy just being around the trees and the ferns. That is the most hippy dippy thing I will say on here I promise, but also I mean it. My career on the ice made it really easy to justify being lazy and staying in. I’m not kidding, I became a hermit who survived mostly on red wine and Pad Thai. Now that I’ve taken a step back, I have so much more time and energy and I have been working on reconnecting with the great outdoors. I have no intentions of becoming a walking talking R.E.I. ad just yet, but I always feel so refreshed and alive just getting outside. I’ve been trying to take daily walks around the city, exploring and enjoying the “fresh” air. I also want to get back into hiking and climbing now that the weather is getting better. So you guys, hold me accountable and make sure I leave my house, thanks!

2. Cook more. Or cook, period.

It is SO easy while you’re on the road to let your diet go to sh*t. Real talk, I didn’t have a proper vegetable for at least a month while touring with Stars on Ice. I would come home for a few days here and there while I was on the road, but I was never there long enough to justify buying groceries. I became way too acquainted with my Thai delivery guy, and I’ll be honest I’m not proud. It is nice to know though that they recognize the sound of my voice now and will always give me extra chicken on my Pad Thai. Anyway, I feel gross and it is time I bring in some good wholesome nutrition into my life, and that starts with eating at home way more. I am not someone who would consider themselves a cooking kween but I’m working on it. During June I want to develop some healthier habits so that I can start to feel a bit better about myself.

3. Say no more.

So my worst habit is that I never say no to myself. I always go for that extra glass of wine. Craving cookies, no problem I’ll whip some up. Feeling lazy? Easy, take a light day. I need to start saying no to myself more, because I feel like all I ever do is say yes to myself. After my career, I think I got really excited that I could do all of these things I never got to do while skating, and I went a bit wild. Ok not wild, I have the temperament of a mom who carpools the kids to school and then drinks a glass of wine before 3 but you get what I mean. I need to start saying no. I need to get myself to the gym even though I’m tired, I should absolutely stay home and eat my leftovers more often. It’s been fun, but it is time to be a bit more regimented in my life.

4. Be less hard on myself, but act more on what I’m saying.

Ok this is a habit of anyone’s that is SUCH AN EYEROLL to me, but I’ve become my own worst nightmare and I’ve become one of those people. You know that girl that complains about feeling soooooo fat while chomping on a donut and an iced latte? Das meeeeeee. I feel gross and just not like my normal self, and I definitely love to talk about it, but I don’t love to act on it. My goal is to talk less negatively about myself but treat myself better. It is quite the novel idea. I think we all are guilty of doing this from time to time, but it’s time to stop complaining and time to start acting with a bit more self love and care!

Ok, four goals for June seems like a sufficient amount. I always try to set monthly intentions because it makes it easier for me to wrap my head around what is in front of me. It is almost like I give each month a theme, and I can step forward with intention now that I understand the bar that I have set for myself.

What are some of your intentions for June? Let me know in the comments below!