Cleaning Out My Beauty Closet


Oh hello.

I’m back and better than ever. JK welcome back to the hot mess express, I’m still me just much improved by my latest shift in my “beauty closet”. Now first of all, some of you guys might be asking what a beauty closet actually is and I have a secret to share. I have no real idea of what it is but in my reality it’s my sink mirror of shame where I shove all of my beauty products in a way that would give Marie Kondo recurring nightmares. You get it. Over the last few months I have decided that taking care of myself should be a priority, and while eating all my veggies every day is still a long ways off, my skin care and beauty regimen felt like a manageable place to begin. I’ve taken a new, fresh look at the way I primp myself every single day and have replaced a lot of my products with clean alternatives. Read on to see what I switched out and what I’m sticking with because I’m stubborn.

  1. Face Wash

    Does your skin feel super tight after you wash it with your daily cleaner? Gasp! I’m psychic. K, that might not be the case for all of you but it def rang true with me. I was using this foaming soap that I picked up at Sephora and I always felt v dry after cleansing. I just thought it was because my skin was dry to begin with and didn’t really every feel the need to blame my soap on my problems. Apparently face wash can be a huge culprit behind skin dryness and I had been setting myself up for ultimate failure this whole time. I switched out my foaming face was for this nice oil-based cleanser that I have fallen head over heels for. It has Vitamin B which is super calming and plumping and basically is everything your face wants on it.

2. Toner

I’ll be honest, at first I was not entirely sure about what toner actually does for your skin. I was haphazardly dabbing it on my skin at random because the universe was constantly telling me that I needed toner in my life. A few months ago I was able to meet with my own personal beauty guru Tara Foley of Follain to get the lowdown on all things clean beauty. Tara explained to me that toner should be used to prep your face, it should be the first thing on before you get out all of your oils and creams. It essentially gets your pores ready to absorb all of the yummy nutrients you’ll be using on your face. She introduced me to Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelorater, and I’ve been misting it onto my face every day before I start with the rest of my skincare. My skin feels a lot plumper and more hydrated and the mist feels fantastic. I have also been trying out a lot of Indie Lee’s products, which I feel are so much more affordable than a lot of other clean beauty products. I like her CoQ-10 toner as well!

3. Oils

TBH I had pretty much been ordering whatever I had seen other people using on Insta or what Sephora was advertising as far as skin treatment went. I didn’t put much thought into what was actually in the products, or what my skin itself actually needed. Tara introduced to two new products that are not only clean, but that cater to my skin concerns. This Pai Bioregenerate Oil, and its main ingredient Rosehip, has been amazing for helping promote cell turnover. My dry skin gets super dull in the winter, and this oil has been kicking my skin in to high gear and helping me become my best, brightest self. I am also trying out a new eye oil. Wow that sounds horrific. Imagine eye cream but in oil form. K better. I get bumps under my eyes depending on how much makeup I’ve been using, which makes my skin really sensitive to heavy creams. This serum is light and within a week (no joke) I felt like my dark circles under my eyes had vanished. I also have my classic favorite from Indie Lee which I just converted my girlfriend Madison Hubbell onto. This Squalane facial oil is my every day main squeeze that I seriously push on everyone but they end up loving it blindly. It is also 34 bucks for clean yummy goodness for your face which I think makes up for the fact that I recommended a 100 dollar eye oil to you guys.

4. Makeup

I think that clean beauty still has a long way to go before I will be wiling to ditch some of my all time faves, but I did start introducing a few new products to my daily routine that have stuck around. I got started using this super hydrating concealer which is now my ultimate go to! I use their shade 00 which is a “light porcelain” shade, but really its for that pasty florescent glow that I’ve been rocking my entire life. I also can confidently recommend this mascara for anyone looking to switch over to clean beauty. It holds up pretty well throughout the day and is a nice, safe option for something that is going to be so close to your eyes. I have been rocking a cheek/lip stain to bring some color to my pale, dead face, and this one goes on so smooth. Lastly, everyone knows that a bold lip is essentially all that I add up to as a person and I have found my absolute new favorite. Ilia has this tinted lip conditioner that is so hydrating and luxe, with a fantastic pop of color and I am officially obsessed. I have been reaching for their color “Arabian Knights” for the ultimate day to night shade.

So for now, that is about as much of my life as I am willing to rock the boat with. These are simple changes that I made that make me not only feel luxurious and fab, but that ease my mind a bit about what I am putting onto my bod. Scroll through below for a couple more of my favorite clean, tried and true products that I love! XO