Shopbop Sale Picks

Image via Shopbop

Image via Shopbop

Hello friends! It is officially the most wonderful time of the year, the Shopbop Sale. Yes you heard me right. One might roll their eyes at the idea of me gleefully celebrating capitalism in such an obvious way, and to them I say: SAVINGS. This is the opportunity to live your finest, lushest life, while still being a coupon queen. Look like new money Cardi B while still living on broke undiscovered Cardi B’s budget. The concept is simple people, and this is where they get you. The more you spend, the more you save. The way I see it though, the Shopbop sale is an awesome opportunity to snag those luxe items you’ve had your eyes on and save some money since let’s be real those designer sneaks are never actually going to go on sale. Now is your chance. Thankfully, I am willing to guide you through this exciting time in your life and help you understand just what is at stake here. Follow along as I explain your. multiple potential approaches to this savvy way of life. Enjoy! XO

Luxe for Less because WHY NOT

Ok, I have mentioned designer sneakers, and this is where I explain my first approach. Last year, I discovered these Golden Goose sneakers. They are OBNOXIOUSLY expensive, and typically are worn in tandem by someone who also is rocking a pair of 400 dollar sunglasses (but also if you’re into that level of life these are kind of cute). Rude, I know. I had to get to the bottom of the hype so I went into my nearest boujee boutique and tried on a pair, thinking I would find them to be overrated. I figured I would leave laughing at just how out of touch celebrities are and that would be that. Oh contraire my friends. These sneakers felt like angel babies were floating underneath me and whisking me off to my next destination. They were the comfiest things that had ever graced my gnarled troll feet. I was HOOKED. Long story short, the sale is the perfect opportunity to snag that ultimate “treat yo’self” item that you have been lusting after. The majority of the time this stuff doesn’t go on sale, so consider it Shopbop watching out for us mere mortals. Scroll through my personal idea of what unaffordable luxury looks like, and if you aren’t into it don’t @ me.

Upgrade the Basics

I am a firm believer in purchasing high quality basics. Sure it might be a simple black tee, but investing in one that is higher quality means that the fit will be better, and it will hold up longer over time ( or at least it had better). I have never felt like my sense of style really pushes the boundaries that much. For me, I tend to play around with a fun pair of shoes, or a bag that really pops. I will have the style leaning more on the jacket or top layer that I add to an outfit, but most of my clothing is fairly simple and basic. I elevate my look but finding items that look high end even if they are simple. I wear these Wolford bodysuits CONSTANTLY, and I always get messages about where they are from. Sure they are pricier, but I have also owned my black turtleneck for about 4 years at this point and it still looks brand new, so no regrets. I have my eyes on these Rag & Bone jeans for a couple of reasons. Anything that says ankle cut or capri length just sounds down right sexy to my 5’2 frame because that means I won’t be getting anything hemmed. I also really love the unique hem of the jeans, it takes them from being basic and turns them into something just a little different with character without being too loud. I am a sucker for a silk camisole under a leather jacket or a blazer, and I am loving this one by Anine Bing. I currently am deep into a silk skirt phase as well. I think it looks so chic with some booties and a simple tee. I got this blush dream from Free People a few months ago and I’m constantly reaching for it in my wardrobe.


Finally, why not bedazzle yourself at a reasonable price. I find jewelry to be a bit overwhelming, I don’t always know what to do with it and I always find it to be way overpriced for what you’re actually getting. That being said, I have invested in a few simple and delicate items that I wear every day. It makes me feel like my outfit is complete but also I don’t have to worry about whether it goes with my look because its so simple and noncompetitive. I am really into tight “huggies”, I think they look so chic. This pair can be a cute easy addition to a casual day lewk. I found another pair that has a little bit of sparkle, and I like to pair that with something more basic to just kind of elevate the look a bit. Scroll through to see the glam that is speaking to me!

Ok, so there you have it, my official guide to the Shopbop Sale! Head on over to Shopbop and use code “GOBIG19” for 15% off orders of 200$+, 20% off orders of 500$+ and 25% off orders of 800$ or more and that is including their sale items! It is worth the time to just head on over and see if you can find that one special item you’ve been lusting for. Happy shopping and good luck!