Reflecting on 2018


Reflecting on 2018.jpg

I’m not really much of a reflective person. I am usually focused on the life that is coming right at me, and responding to what is right in front of me. When 2018 passed on (RIP don’t miss you) I felt really compelled to take a second and write something out. I didn’t quite know how to sum up the year that I went through, so much happened where would I even begin? I decided to just write out a letter, and see where it went. I’m sharing it with you guys because I think I discovered a bit more of what I wanted from this year than I thought I would. Also, everyone could afford to love themselves a smidge more and writing this def got me to that conclusion. Take what you want from this, and maybe try it out. I felt so great after setting out some form of an intention for what I want this year to be for me. 2019 let’s go!!

Dear Ash,

Hey you, it’s me, you. It is 2019 and there are some things you should do this year. 2019 is fresh. It is the chance to really get started at life. 2018 was a year of pain and hurt, but also of growth and change. You moved across the country not for a man, not for your sport, but because you could. That is so badass. You put change into motion because you needed to. You are resilient, you are tough, but this year you can also be soft, and open. You put your life on hold for this really cool thing you’d been doing for the past 22 years of your life, and now it is time for something new. New is good. New is scary but it’s exhilarating. Embrace it, cherish it, stare it down and eat it up.

You don’t always feel brave. Everyone brushes you off as someone who will do just fine, as someone who will definitely find their way. You might not know where you’re going yet, but this is the year that you pick a path and just start walking. Sometimes the first step in a journey is to just make a move in any direction. You don’t have to feel confident in your choice, but you just have to make a choice. Take that resilience that you know you have and go all out. Take chances and make moves in whatever you choose.

Laugh more. You didn’t laugh enough last year. You didn’t smile enough. There were a lot of tears. A lot of doubt that twisted you up inside. Take care of yourself more. Live in the “here” and “now” and stop worrying about things that are months away. You will figure it out, so why not make sure you’re your best self right now so that when it is time to figure it out you can? You’re frustrated sometimes and just wish that someone would come save the day, but maybe it’s your job to do the saving. Take action and move forward in a positive direction.

Say yes to everything you can. This is your year of yes. Your year of opportunity. Eat life up because you can! How lucky are you to be able to take life on as it comes your way!? 2019 is going to be whatever it is going to be, but you are going to take it on with positivity and joy. Life doesn’t cut you a break because that isn’t how life works. Relish in the fact that you know what challenge feels like, be glad you know what heartache is, because that makes you that much more human. Enjoy this year because you are lucky to have another year. And again, laugh more, it is good for you. Also maybe eat less pasta.



And that is all she wrote! Comment below, tell me what some of your goals for this year are. Keep on being badass people, XO.