December Intentions

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Take better care of my body

Being an athlete for so long, I treated my body like a tool, like it was a piece of equipment. I was always making sure that I was fueling myself in the exact way that I needed. Recovery was an important step in my day. Since stepping back, I have really struggled with my body and my sense of self. I look in the mirror and don’t really recognize myself. I have lost the tone that I loved in my legs, I feel soft and uncomfortable. I think it is important to acknowledge that I will never have the body I had as a professional athlete again, but I think it is time to find a new way to make myself feel strong and capable. 

Be more present

I often get so overwhelmed with things that are very far off in the future that I see myself getting so lost in the present moment. It creates this vicious cycle where I end up feeling entirely unprepared for everything going on in my life. It is so draining to always feel two steps behind, and I think if I make more of an effort to just be present and only actively work towards things in my immediate future, I will be more effective with anything that comes my way.

Set a schedule and keep to it

I feel like I’m always playing catch up. My life was run by a schedule for 22 years, so in some ways I really craved a change. I wanted to break off from the monotony and escape the expectations that come with setting a schedule. On the flip side, a regimented schedule is all I really know, and without one I feel like I am in a complete free fall. I am learning so much about myself in this time away from skating, and I’m beginning to realize that just because something might be a learned skill from skating doesn’t mean it can’t apply in other aspects of my life. Setting a schedule will give some structure that I think I’m really craving. Planning my workouts at the start of the week, deciding what meals I’m going to cook and when I’m going to write will all organize my thoughts and calm my mind. 

Keep exploring life

I feel like over these past few months I have tried really hard to go out of my normal comfort zone and meet new people. I have never been one to really just explore what life has to offer. Everything was focused on skating and what I could do to better myself for my sport. I moved to Boston to give myself the opportunity to live life, and I’ve been doing exactly that. I’ve been taking classes, I’ve been going out to dinner. Soaking up all that this city has to offer has been exhilarating and exhausting, because it's not what I’ve naturally been trained to do. I feel so fulfilled just living, and even though it isn’t the easiest mindset to be in, it's been so rewarding. My goal is to keep challenging myself to try new things.