All About Activewear

Hey everyone. I’m going to take a second to just toot my own horn for a minute, bear with me. This post is obviously about activewear, and I am obviously an expert. I wore spandex for a living, I’m allowed to say that. With the dawn of athleisure, we’ve seen an explosion in cute, trendy, fitness functional clothing options. No longer must we settle for a boxy tee and boring black tights. Say goodbye to your ex's old shirt, so long to your college sweatshirt with all the weird holes in it. It is 2019, and it is about time for you to at least look cute while you’re trying to keep up with your resolution to get that beach bod by spring, so let’s do this. This is my round up of my favorite active brands, and I promise it will not disappoint. 


Let it be known, this is the mothership of all things fitness. Head on over to their site and you will see all of the most fashion-forward and trendy brands all living under the same roof. I’ve discovered some of my favorite brands here at Carbon38. This is my favorite site to get inspiration for and to get a sense of what is on trend. I discovered my #1 bae forever, Alo Yoga, at Carbon38. I like that you can get online and spot that pair of fancy tights that you’ve been eying, and find a similar pair at the right price. Basically, if you have no idea what to do with the whole athleisure trend, head on over to Carbon38 and they will take care of you.

Alo Yoga

I love the aesthetic of this brand. Obviously, it is geared towards yogis, but in a less green tea and sunshine kind of way, which I like. It feels very luxurious; the tights are made of this incredibly soft and comfortable material that makes you never want to take them off. The Alosoft Goddess leggings actually changed my life. They also are so creative with their sports bras and the necklines. You don’t have to settle for a boring strap, Alo serves up drama and intrigue with their unique cuts. You’ve also seen their High-Waist Moto Leggings on just about any Victoria’s Secret model traveling or “going to the gym”. The color schemes are very seasonal, but I like that they play into hues that are having their big moment at the time. Overall, I live in Alo, it is my absolute favorite brand and go check out their site or wander into one of their locations if you truly want to be happy. 

Gigi C

Ok, I just discovered this brand and I’m kind of obsessed. Serving up bodysuit realness that none of us really understand the practical use for, Gigi C is completely pushing the boundaries of fitness and fashion. Primarily a swimsuit brand, they bring their sexy beach cuts to the realm of activewear. I love the cut outs of their tops, like this bright red little number. I am also ALWAYS here for a zip up bra top, like this situation here.The figure skater in me will always shamelessly swoon over a wrap top, and this piece is serving it up.. The color scheme is very poppy, which I’m always drawn towards. If that doesn’t sell you, just go get a swimsuit from them, because they are also V cute. 

Free People Movement

So fun fact, I actually wore a lot of Free People when I was competing. I think it is so underrated as a fitness brand! The materials they use are usually so soft and the cuts are always really creative. I love that all the pieces they have in a collection are on trend. Right now, they are really leaning into the Teddy coat trend, like with this jacket, and I’m seeing a lot of pullovers and outdoor layers that are super cute. Free People has always been about the layers, and their movement line is no different. You’ll find a lot of cute sports bras along with very light breezy layers to add on top. The tights always have cute patterns or fun cut outs. Any time I was wearing Free People I always had people come up and ask me what I was wearing.  Check them out if you haven’t already!


An LA-base brand that I discovered a couple of years ago, Varley is a great option if you’re looking for something is fashionable but still high performance. If you want your sports bra to look cute but you want to be strapped down check them out. Their Walsh Bra is still to date one of my favorite bras of all time. I like that their tops are more of a cropped fit instead of a typical sports bra cut, so I feel more comfortable rocking them. I also completely embrace the monochromatic trend, and pairing some of their high waisted tights, like these, with a matching crop top was one of my training go-tos. Right now, it seems everything is this amazing shade of blush that I live for, and it will definitely be something I’m eyeing for the new year.