December Gift Guide


Ok so welcome to part two of how to prove to someone that you care about them just the right amount. Writing this post was essentially my excuse to just go online shopping for things I would want someone to get me for the holidays. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, to anyone I know who is reading this. Alright, this one is for the ladies in your life. Hey girl hey, hopefully I steer you in the right direction. I’ve decided to break this up into stereotypical genres of women, which is fitting because as women we aren’t allowed to break out of the box we’ve been put in. Am I projecting again? Probs. Merry Christmas everybody!

Sporty Spice

We all have that one girl in our lives who just loves the gym. She started running half marathons like a month ago and is trying to convince you to lace up and join her (hello bff Marissa Castelli). Instead of forcing yourself to run (I only run for my life) why not find the sporty spice in your life the perfect gift!? These fleece joggers are a cute layer for her to throw on post run when you agree to go meet up with her to get coffee instead of actually running with her. Puffer jackets are having a moment right now, and with temps dropping she’ll need something to rock on her way to yoga. This icy minty blue jacket is a cute idea bc tbh who actually gets excited about a regular puffer jacket? Take something functional and make it fashion and all of a sudden you have the next great gift! This fun zip up sports bra is something I would be all about for the gym. This gym bag is a splurge but also it is something that she’ll use forever, it is sneaky cute and highly functional. My girlfriend actually never takes off her Fitbit, and finds that she uses it a lot more than she expected for her every day life! Click through my other ideas for the sporty betches in your life!

Ginger Spice

It was v unclear to me from the start of this how I was going to define all 5 Spice girls. I have decided right here right now as I type this that Ginger Spice is the beauty and wellness girl, strictly because she chose to name herself after her hair color and it’s my blog so I can do what I want. Ginger Spice is the girlfriend who always has a flawless face, her skin radiates confidence and smells of cruelty free creams. She has seen every tutorial on Youtube, she can draw the perfect cat eye. She also maybe is really into drinking teas with random mushroom powders in them. She loves candles. I think I’ve painted the picture. This Recovery Cream from Ursa Major is a great place to start if you want to put together a little skincare rejuvenation kit. Building on that idea, throw in a cleanser like this one from Indie Lee, add in a serum from Drunk Elephant, and maybe a mask like this one and make your own spa kit. Wow that’s v cute I just came up with that and I know just who I’m doing that for. Maybe you splurge on a bougie candle. I just discovered Le Labo and I’m actually excited about it no joke. They make my entire house smell like the future I want for myself: successful. This is my current fav scent, you won’t regret it. Diffusers are another great option, you can get her something really luxurious like this one and then throw in a few essential oil scents to top it off. These aromatherapy necklaces are a unique idea for someone who is super into the benefits of essential oils as well! Maybe you look into getting her a subscription an a meditating app. My favorite is Calm, it comes with a lot of unique features that can really be helpful!

Posh Spice

We all know Posh. She is the girl who has a pair of “comfortable walking heels”. She has a coat closet that actually only has wall to wall coats in in it. She knows just where to get those fancy designer sneakers that are V overpriced but still cute. She makes a white t-shirt look like its fashion. Ok, so that was me just describing the woman I want to be some day but also the Posh Spice in your life knows what is up. I find the “in the know” girls in my life to be surprisingly hard to shop for. They have their own idea of what their style is and they can be SUPER picky. If you want to give her an experience gift, put together a “Revolve Model Day”. This idea can cover a lot of friends at once TBH. Basically, book a lunch at some super cute restaurant with great lighting, bring along a group of girlfriends, make sure someone has a camera and instruct everyone to put together something cute to wear. Get some pics being fancy and cute and then head on over to go skating (obvi). Is it a shameless social media day? Yes. Will it end up being really fun for you all to prance around pretending that you have 2.1 million followers simply because your insta content is fire? Also yes. I could get into this idea. If you are searching for something a bit more tangible for the Posh in your life, I really like this pair of white boots from Sam Edelman. White shoes are having a moment and Sam Edelman shoes are a great quality for a pretty solid price. So my most fashionable girlfriend is Madison Chock, Olympian/fashion diva extraordinaire. I knew I needed to have this girl in my life when she showed up with her own pillow at a competition, and it was wrapped up in a silk pillowcase. Glamazons LOVE SILK. Facts people. This set here comes in multiple colors and has rave reviews. Stuart Weitzman is having a ridiculous sale right now and some of their cutest shoes are basically half off. This pair is such a great neutral bootie that I have in my cart right now. Pretty much all of my clothes that I wear are from Reformation. A great fashion forward and sustainable option, you’ll find great pieces like this LBD or this ballerina-inspired wrap top. Keep scrolling through to see more of my ideas for miss Posh!

Scary Spice

This one is OBVIOUS. Scary Spice is the woman who you are slightly terrified of but also respect. Yes, if you were wondering, I think I’m hilarious for coming up with this. Scary Spice is your mother in law, your coach, your boss or essentially any woman of ultimate power in your life. These ladies are refined. They have their sh** together and they have somehow evolved past apologizing for themselves. These are the badass betches of the world. Scary Spice doesn’t really need much because she can buy whatever she wants for herself, which makes her next level impossible to shop for. Here I recommend fun unique gifts that she would never think to give herself. Option 1: impress your mother in law by making a donation in her honor at a charity that you think she would be into. I personally love donating to my local Planned Parenthood but you can also check out Give Well to find a reputable charity that could work for the cause. It is a well known fact that all mothers love their dogs more than they actually love their children (again projecting) but this doggy DNA kit is a fun idea. She can get that much closer to the mutt that replaced you once you left the house, or unexpected twist she finds out her purebred lab isn’t so purebred! Perhaps this Kindle with a couple of books you chose for her pre downloaded could be a cute idea. My mom is a firm believer in throwing everything in a pot and calling it a day when she’s cooking. I got her this Instant Pot and she uses it all throughout the winter. Fun fact it also makes the perfect rice. While we are on a cooking note, I worship all things Chrissy Teigen and you can intoduce your Scary Spice to our lord and savior with her new cookbook. Cravings is my personal fav and her popover recipe is the bomb. Another well known fact, real adults love fizzy water. This carbonator (its actually the “Carbonator II but that sounded a bit to agro for this) is a great responsible way to save the planet, enjoy bubbly water, and make your countertop look fancy. If you know her well enough, treat her to a luxurious scent. I recently discovered Byredo and my absolute favorite is Gypsy Water. I also love giving Le Labo candles away, they will personalize the label which makes it a really unique gift. This scent and this scent are my two favorites. Or at the end of the day just go to Anthropologie and they will have something perfect. Good luck with this one!!

Baby Spice

Last but not least, we are going to take Baby Spice into a very literal direction. This is your child rearing friend. This is what you get for the momma in your life who deserves a little something special. I am going to let it be known right now that this is the most misguided gift guide of all time because I don’t know anyone with kids right now but essentially this is what I think they could be into. Ok first things first I found this little “Feminist” crown on Shopbop and I want them to make it in my size. I can’t with this baby stuff it just kills me. Maybe you want to secretly torture them by buying their kid an instrument that also could double up as an adorable baby room decoration, like this little diddy . Real talk though she probs wants something for herself. I own this sweater and I would absolutely live in it if it was socially acceptable. It’s something easy for her to throw on when she’s running out the door herding children. The gift of comfort always goes a long ways, so why not check out these slippers. Maybe she just needs some “me” time. Whenever I’m overwhelmed, I LOVE a good bath bomb. Go crazy at Lush, with this bath set. And that is a wrap folks! Somehow writing out this gift guide was more stressful then actually Christmas shopping but we survived! Happy Holidays! XOXO