December Gift Guide


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s that time where all of your relationships are tested, and you have to show another person how well you really know them by getting them the PERFECT GIFT. AKA, this is when I panic, quickly realize I actually never really knew said person, and try to rush order something on Amazon. Fear not friends, I’m here to do the work for you and steer you in the right, informed direction. First up, this one is for the boys. I’m assuming the majority of the people reading this are either women (hey ladies love you all) or the gays (heeeeeyyyyy, love you all too), so I’m going to do my best and cater to a bit of everyones tastes. K, here we go. This is what you can, should, and hopefully will buy that special “him” in your life.

Experience Gifts

To start this off, I’m either someone’s dream come true or their worst nightmare because I’m super into experience gifts. I just think giving someone a unique moment or a fun memory is so special, and something they won’t forget. This year I discovered MasterClass and I am really excited about it! Essentially, you have a bunch of extremely talented people/experts in their field putting together classes online. Have a friend who is super into cooking? Have Chef Gordon freaking Ramsey teach them how to cook a delicious meal for you at home. I mean you’ll def be reaping the benefits of that one. With genres ranging from adventure photography to wine appreciation you can easily find something for just about anyone on the site. You can either buy a specific class or an all access pass, so you get to decide yourself how much you really love this person.

Next up is a classic. Take him out and impress him with your cooking skills or make him think you are the cutest tragedy with your lack of cooking skills. My boyfriend last year took me to a surprise cooking class and hands down it was one of my favorite gifts I have ever received! FYI I was the cute tragedy in this version of my reality, I’m a hot mess in the kitchen. Sur La Table has a great variety of options for classes, and since its a highly recognized brand you won’t have to play the Yelp gamble game where you don’t really know if the reviews are on point. They offer up a couple of different styles, so you can either go learn how to bake some Christmas cookies or chow down on some pasta. Either way it will be a fun night and you’ll look like you really thought this one through. You are welcome.

Another great experience that I could def get into is Hello Fresh. Maybe your dad is the cook in your life, maybe your brother is completely helpless and is surviving on Big Macs and you need to step in and take control of this situation. Either way, you can pick either a subscription or just send a one time box to give them an idea of what life would be like when someone else does the shopping for them and makes their lives easier.

Lastly, just go surprise him with a dog. That way he’ll be stuck with you forever. LOL I’m kidding, don’t do that but I just read that as a recommendation on another site and clearly they are out trying to ruin relationships left and right. PSA: Don’t get a dog.

Gift Gifts

So you didn’t decide to go the experience route, it’s fine I’m not here to judge (judging). Men are really hard to shop for I’ve decided. How well do you know this guy? How long do you want him to stick around? Is he going to also get you a nice gift!? These are all things that you need to consider when buying men gifts and honestly it is stressful AF. You can’t just get them socks and call it a day so this is what I’ve put together for you!

If you aren’t feeling like you are super dangerous, but still want to get him something nice, I feel like sunglasses are always a great way to go. Men associate fashion with sunglasses, so already, you’re going to at least be making him look cool. I really like these from Warby Parker, and plus they also happen to be a top seller so you know they are “man approved”. Go with some classic Ray-Bans like this pair if you want to treat him and actually have him get excited about the brand.

Moving on up, the possibilities are endless. If you want to make your gift something a bit showier than a pair of glasses, these are my ideas! I really like this jacket from Patagonia, it is a lighter layer that will actually keep him warm but make him look professional AF. This bag from East Dane is a great option for the jetsetter in your life. It can easily be used as a weekend bag, something nicer to bring to the gym, or something classy that he brings to work with him. Give the gift of comfort with these comfy UGG slip ons, or these sweats. Dad will thank you. I am also really into these low-top Converse sneakers. Partnering with Comme des Garçons, the design on the side makes them a bit more fun and playful but also edgier than just a plain sneaker.

Going beyond into the world beyond clothes now. Fitness, fashion, and function come together with this FitBit watch. Maybe he takes the train to work everyday and needs a headphone upgrade! Check out this pair on Amazon. They get rave reviews, and come in two different colors. For the coffee fiend in your life, if you are mildly invested in him, surprise him with this espresso machine. If you feel like he is a bit more splurge-worthy though, this machine is the one to go with. I use this is my house and has been my pride and joy ever since. Click through below to see all of my ideas!

That’s a wrap ( see what I did there) on my gift guide for him! Honestly at the end of the day, putting a little bit of thought into what he really needs in his life and something that would just make him happy goes a long way. Don’t overthink it and go with your gut. Good luck! XO