Winter Skin Care: The Three Steps, A Philosophy, A Lifestyle


Hi, everyone. I am going to start this off with a very important warning label. I am not a dermatologist, nor do I actually know what I’m talking about, but I’m the queen of all things Google and I get complimented on my skin a decent amount so that is why this post exists. I live in an ice rink so basically I have mastered the fine art of winter skincare because my life is 24/7 winter. Does that make me an expert? Kind of, yes, but at the same time not at all and I get that. Moving forward, these are my tried and true products and tips for people with skin similar to my own, and some extras thrown in that I know other skin combos have loved. Enjoy!


Oils hold a very deep place in my icy cold heart. They have treated me right, they always call me back, and they turn my skin into the supple angel baby face that I have always wanted.  I am currently coveting Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum, and apparently, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s fav. All I can say is that if there is a god above us, He would make sure this serum makes me look like a 90’s movie star with poreless skin. TBD if that is actually a thing, but Vintner’s Daughter boasts 22 botanicals in its ingredients. I’m no botanist, but that’s a lot. It is the kitchen sink of serums, but with all of these ingredients you give a bit of attention to everything from cell turnover and hydration to fine lines. Rumor has is, this product is convincing people to ditch all of their other oils and to attempt to go makeup free. All hail, am I right?

For those of you not looking to put a down payment on a beauty product, check out Indie Lee products, like their Squalane Facial Oil. The price point is just that, on point, and with great wholesome ingredients, you can feel like maybe you really could just only drink green tea in the mornings. Squalene is a natural ingredient that we humans/goddesses produce ourselves in our own skin. SquaLANE is the beauty industry counterpart that is a bit more stable and is making quite the name for itself, promising hydrating and anti-aging benefits. I read somewhere that may or may not be quite factual that your skin is made up of 12% Squalene when you are a baby. PUT THAT BABY OIL ON MY FACE. I’ve been using Indie Lee’s facial oil along with my Vintner’s Daughter every morning and it really helps plump up my skin!

Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Luxury Facial oil is a tried and true fav that just keeps sneaking back into my regimen. I mean, the word luxury is literally in the name, that must mean it's good right? Marula oil is from the Marula tree and that’s all I know, but the benefits include a combination of hydration, the ability to reduce fine lines, and some soothing action for your stressed AF winter skin. I usually mix the oil in with whatever moisturizer I’m using at the time and go on with my day. 


Drunk Elephant hit me up. I really love so much of what this company has put on the market. Their Lala Retro Whipped Cream is heavy AF but, in the winter, when you are desperate do you really care? It is listed as a “rescue cream” so basically, they already know about your dry flaky hot mess skin, and that you need them. So, let them help you. I use Lala Retro Whipped cream in the mornings in the winter. As soon as I get up, I’ll wash my face and rub some into my skin and just let it all sink in while I’m making my morning cappuccino. By the time I’m ready for makeup, it has absorbed into my skin and I’m ready to get started!

I’m a bandwagon fan for this next cream. I purchased Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Crème in a panic at DutyFree on my way to Shanghai earlier this year, and fell in love. I’ve always felt that the environment on a plane stresses your skin our in a way that’s very similar to what you go through in the winter. The dry air in the cabin just sucks out all of the life from your skin. I layered the Kiehl’s on thick at the start of my flight, and by the time I got to Shanghai I felt like I looked like maybe I had gotten 8 hours of sleep and was fresh from a facial. I was dewy, which we all know is very on trend right now.  Lately, I’ve been using it as a night cream. I put it on after I’ve rubbed in all of my oils. By morning, I feel like I wake up fresh faced and hydrated.

Glossier Rich Priming Lotion. Ok, so I must tell you guys I am a two cream kind of girl. I start off my morning with my moisturizer of choice, I go off and start making my coffee and writing. I let that sink into my skin, and then when I sit down to start  makeup I throw on a little of Glossier’s Rich Priming Lotion. It keeps all the product I already have on from rolling under the makeup, which is the absolute worst. It makes my skin incredibly smooth, and gives me a perfect base to beat this face. I’m a poet. The product smells like you are fresh out of the spa and goes on thick without feeling greasy. It is my last layer to protect my skin from the elements!

Masks on Masks on Masks

 Got a face? Put a mask on it! As we all know, masks are the beauty tool that unites us all. Women just sit around together and mask, it’s an ancient primal thing and we have embraced it within our culture. During the harsh winter months, masks are a great way to play catch up with your skin. I usually throw on a mask a couple of nights a week while watching the Good Wife. It is a ritual of mine I look forward to, and my skin thanks me for it.

This section is going to be an ode to my love for Summer Fridays. Meryl Davis (Olympic Champion, real life Disney princess) and I discovered this mask around the same time on tour, and we both instantly fell in love. I won’t get into the science of this mask, mostly because this is still a low budget operation, but basically it saves your skin from all of the terrible things you are trying to avoid. Their Jet Lag Mask is their star product, and when I’m feeling crazy, I even use it as a moisturizer. They just released another product, their Overnight Mask, which is really helpful with exfoliation and brightening up your skin! 

Next up is the First Aid Beauty Bouncy Mask. I discovered this on accident because I was trying to buy Dior and have been using it for years. This mask does all of the things, its 5 in 1 apparently.  I use this mask when my skin has absolutely had it with my poor decisions, and it always brings me back to my glowy, hydrated, stress free self. It goes on as a sort of jelly and your skin just soaks it right up. I swear by this and now you will too. You’re welcome.

Dull dry skin is THE WORST. Get rid of it, with Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask. With a whopping 25% of AHA and 2% BHA this mask is essentially at-home friendly acid for your face. Yay for chemistry. The beauty in this is that it essentially sloughs off your dead skin while soothing that new fresh baby skin underneath. It welcomes it into this world with ingredients like matcha tea and milk thistle. I use this once a week to resent my skin and take on the world once again.  

If your skin is in a “dry frozen tundra it might just fall off its so dry” kind of situation I have heard a rumor that you can put on a very light layer of Aquaphor to seal in the moisture (and *warning *the ability for your skin to breath in general) followed by another moisturizer that you like for your skin. Aquaphor at your own risk but if you are this level of desperate for some moisture, you are welcome.