5 Beauty Bag Must-Haves

Growing up in the figure skating universe, I really came into my beauty awakening in a world where glitter eye shadow and false lashes reign supreme. Obviously, this led me to believing that I looked my most stunningly gorgeous with a poorly applied wing liner and an over blushed face. You could see my face from miles away. It took some time, and a lot of makeup remover, but I eventually found that I love my face most with a very natural look. These are my five beauty bag must haves. I hope you all enjoy!!

1. Glossier Lash Slick


I LOVE THIS MASCARA. I will write poetry about this mascara. I have these short little nubby lashes and Glossier has helped turned me into the long-lashed goddess I feel like I really am meant to be. This mascara is not super heavy or thick, it helps separate my lashes and lengthens them. It is perfect in every way for my natural day to day look. I’m obsessed and you should be too.  

2. Stila Convertible Color Blush

I am pale. I’m going to throw that out there. I’m not pale in a beautiful porcelain French aristocrat kind of way though. I’m pale in a definitely lacking Vitamin D, potentially afflicted with influenza kind of way. It isn’t cute, and without anything on my face people are concerned. I need blush because it reminds people that I’m alive, and Stila’s cream blush brings me back to life every day. I love that it is cream based, so I don’t need to carry around a brush around to reapply it during the day. You just smudge a little on your cheeks with your fingers and you are good to go!

3. Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tan


Adding to the list of colors that I need to add to my face so that people know I’m alive, bronzer is a very important step for me. I always wear sunscreen so my face is a lot paler than the rest of my already pale body, so I need to warm it up with bronzer. Lately I have been loving Marc Jacobs bronzer. I’m picky with shades because I look muddy fast, and the color makes me look like I maybe went to the beach last year.

4. Anastasia DipBrow Pomade


My brows are a mess. They grow in straight lines across my face and are shaggy, they don’t give me much to work with. So, like the artist that I am, I have to create a brow shape every morning before I start my day. Call me Michelangelo. I love all of Anastasia’s brow products, but specifically the pomade because I have a lot of work to do, and this product covers a lot of bases. I can really define a shape with a brow brush, and fill in my patchy patches. The pomade also helps control my rogue hairs which is an added bonus.

5. Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner


I don’t usually wear lipstick, but I am a sucker for tinted lip balms. Just a little pop over color goes a long way for me. All of the shades are stunning and nothing feels too heavy in this collection. I throw it on and it leaves my lips feeling soft and I have just enough color that I feel like I’m wearing something without having to worry about reapplying all day. I love this lip conditioner!!