5 Ways to Find Fitness Inspiration

One thing that I have been really struggling with since I took some time away from skating has been finding the inspiration to get myself into the gym. Going from a scheduled workout every day for the last two decades, to no plans at all has really been difficult for me. I no longer have anyone holding me accountable, who knew having a big Russian guy yelling at me every day would be so motivating!? I am also SO guilty of avoiding things that I know I’m not good at. I’m a perfectionist all the way, so trying something new is so intimidating. Eventually, as I sat around slowly turning into a ball of dough, I knew I had to get into the gym and get started. Here are five ways to trick yourself into getting fit, good luck and enjoy!

Find a Friend

Use the buddy system. I’m so bad at trying new things by myself because I find unfamiliar social environments totally crippling. How am I supposed to be enjoying Warrior Three if I’m spending the whole time worrying about whether or not I picked the right spot in the studio? Fitness is not a solo sport, find a gal pal, grab a gay. I don’t care who it is but bring someone with! I’ve found that it is so helpful to be completely lost in a workout if you have someone with you. Having someone to hold you accountable is an extra added bonus. You won’t be skipping out on barre class if Kelly from work is waiting for you. 

Find Classes that actually sound fun

Not all workouts are created equal, and you aren’t going to vibe with every single one. The key to fitness is tricking yourself into becoming fit. If you make it fun, you are ten million times more likely to go back. Is that a scientific fact, absolutely not, but this is my blog and I’ll make up facts if I want to. I usually hop on the app MindBody and look up classes that I think sound interesting. I found an Ellie Goulding vs. Eminem cycle class that I was all about. I stumbled upon it by looking up cycling classes and now I’m completely hooked on that studio! You have to have an open mind and actually think that workout classes can be fun, but also, just try to mix it up. Try a barre class simply because you have never been to one, you might surprise yourself with what kind of fitness you’re into. 


I love running. Strike that, I just lied to you guys, I hate running with a burning passion. I like running as long as I am distracted. Sometimes I need an insane beat to inspire me to get going, but usually I’ll throw on a podcast and just go. Catch up on your news, listen to something hilarious, and dive deep into your favorite murder podcast. Distractions are a great way to get yourself out there. Using a workout as a chance to mentally supplement your day is super effective. I can get lost in whatever I’m listening to, and before I know it, I’ve accidentally worked out. Surprise! Are you one of those people who can never actually read a book before bed? Get on Audible and download something, go for a run and catch up on your reading. Maybe next book club you can actually say you read the book.

Look Cute

Is this the most vain thing I will ever say to you guys? Probably not, but it’s for sure up there. Sometimes the only inspiration you need is an opportunity to put on some cute spandex and get out there! Buy yourself an outfit, under the strict condition that it can only be worn in a new workout class. Look good, feel good, be inspired to go to the gym. That’s the saying right?

Workout for your Vices

At the end of the day, maybe we all need to engage in some fitness just so that we can feel like we earned that glass of wine. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. I’m here for a Legally Blonde reference any day. Go workout because it feels good! My body right now feels so useless compared to the Olympic level of shape that I was in. It is so easy to sink into enjoying this lazy nothingness that I’m participating in, but every time I get into the gym, I actually feel so alive and functional. Believe it or not, but your body wants to have a purpose. The hardest part is getting out of the door, but once you do you won’t regret it. Earn your pizza at the end of the week, run for the margaritas, bike for burgers. Simply put, get fit so that you can enjoy your life without any guilt. Everything is about balance, you don’t have to be one extreme or the other. Go get your endorphins, and don’t shoot your husband.