My Morning Routine

I haven’t quite figured out mornings. I love the idea of waking up, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on the world. Instead, I wake up from my slumber resembling something more similar to the creature from the black lagoon, and I push snooze twenty times until my cat starts nibbling on my face to get up. It isn’t glamorous and it definitely isn’t productive. I work in the evenings, so when I get home from my day there really isn’t much time for any kind of self care . I was beginning to feel really depleted and worn out. I knew my day needed a full schedule overhaul, and that started with taking back my mornings.

  1. Avoid the Snooze Button

The first thing I do in the mornings is pop out of bed right after my alarm goes off. If I let myself snooze, I won’t just hit it once, I’ll snooze ten more times. Forcing myself to just get up and go sets the tone for my morning, and honestly has been making me feel so much more invigorated. Probs because my system is feeling attacked and I’m in a state of shock but YAS INVIGORATION! 

2. Lather Up

Next, it’s time for all of the oils and creams. Skin care for me is such an important step in my morning because it’s really where I feel like I’m taking care of myself. I feel like as soon as I sit down at my computer it is all about what I can do for other people, so taking five minutes out of my morning to throw on my overpriced oil and layer on some face cream is V important. I turn on some Ariana Grande, because there is nothing like rubbing in some creams while singing along to “God is a Woman”. Ladies, it’s very empowering and everyone should try it. 

3. Hydration

I am a camel, that sounds ridiculous but hear me out. I can survive on the smallest amount of water, I don’t hydrate, and I feel just fine without any water in my system. Obviously as my skin has started to shrivel up as it gets colder in Boston, I’m realizing that I can’t survive on the bare minimum anymore. I start off with some water and throw in a wedge of lemon to trick myself into drinking water. I also really have found that in the mornings it is not that I NEED caffeine, but more that I just want something hot to drink. I will fill up a tea kettle and boil a cup of water, slice up some lemons and then get my favorite honey out. Tada, lemon tea!

4. Meditate

I struggle with anxiety, and it is something that has gotten a lot worse since I took a step back from skating. Having a rigorous physical outlet every single day really helped me handle my mental/emotional situation. All of a sudden, I had a huge hole in my day left behind by skating and my anxiety really went wild. Fun right? Meditation is really helpful for me, and every morning I take ten minutes to sit on my couch and be present. I think over what I’m grateful for and then just let myself sink into it. I have a gratitude app on my phone where I write everything down, and I like starting off my meditation with gratitude because I feel like it helps me calm my mind down. I start off in a positive state and that helps keep me focused while I try to let everything else go. 

5. Take on the World

Is that allowed to be a part of my morning routine? IDK but it is my blog so yes, next in my morning comes world domination. I sit down at my computer, answer emails, dodge the haters and write blog posts. Since I started making the earlier steps in my morning more about self care, I feel so much more capable when it comes time to be a professional and attempt to adult. I’m a work in progress but my mornings now get me prepped to be my best self throughout the day!